Every required Mac Suite

The face kit includes extra dimensional skin, finished plus size leather lingerie whisper gold plating (light golden shimmer) and rose gold treatment 140 synthetic full fan brush. Lip wrap features lipstick, gloss and pro longwear pencils. Eye box contains snowflake shadow, eye liner and Technakohl extreme size mascara.



Choice of autumn



Jimmy Choo’s creative director, Sandra Choi, watches fireworks in the sky and gives birth to the arc cruise 2018 collection. Shoes with a large rainbow of gems, exquisite high-heeled shoes have microcrystalline body. Radiant pearls meet leather lingerie and interesting tassels in shoes wrapped in a complex crystal. Male elements appear in casual slippers, but crystal gems are there. Leather shoes with plush fur and purple velvet jewelry. Lockett Mini package is rich and colorful, metal and leather and jewellery chain, leopard.



No animal injuries.



Stella Macartney’s cruelty free “magnifying sneakers” looks like pumping water and having a cool sole imitating the texture of the rock. The uppers are “deformed calf” and micro suede leather, tread thermoplastic and skid resistant, heel blended polymer molded extra soft. With excellent aerodynamic appearance and hand painting effects, you may not notice the extra height of the sole of four centimeters, which is made of renewable resources.



Full color team



American brands Jill Stuart and Morgan Lane teamed up to launch a chic and sexy makeup bag, collecting inspiration from plus size leather lingerie and makeup packaging, featuring Morgan Lane cartoon characters. Fantastic holiday themed Pajama parties (Chiffon pajamas leather lingerie) and Party B (also known as Lanie’s special). Moonlight Illuminator is a bright spot, light pink, light yellow, pink, white and light blue. Fantastic fashion eyes offer endless expectations of a six color palette. Kittens seem to make their eyes sharp and beautiful. Jelly lip gloss adds a juicy and a full, rich pink shiny sheen.



Frankincense is a boon



British brand Neal’s Yard Remedies, specializing in organic skin care products, ushered in its second anniversary in Thailand, with the beauty salon in the mall is a new counter. Check out the strong range of frankincense components, plant stem cell innovations and 3-peptide complexity. Concentrated nourishes the skin with a lightweight gel that reduces signs of aging and swelling of the skin. The cream deals with fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes elasticity. Eye cream restores moisture around the eyes, reducing lines and puffiness. (0)

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