Is this a dirty Christmas advertisement? Careless about dressing leather lingerie ads and let the heart beat faster

A careless about dressing leather lingerie ads will get the pulse racing this Christmas, absolutely not suitable for family viewing festival.


12 days of Christmas activity is enough to make anyone blush, because under the effect of mistletoe, there are almost no leather lingerie and naughty toys.

leather lingerie


Rankin filmed with all the items from the coconut own brand, with a choice of selection, t-pants, sling, rubber boots and even sex toys.


There was even a rather strange lens. A raw Turkey was tied together by a lady’s hand with a gold handcuff.


If this does not let you enter the atmosphere of the festival, then we don’t know what will happen.


The brand, which used Carol’s “12 days of Christmas” as their inspiration for advertising, has been called promoting the border in the past, in a short Valentine’s Day movie Pamela Anderson earlier this year’s movie.


But the distortion of Christmas classic mischievous is absolutely not suitable for young audiences. It is a far cry from the characteristics of John Lewis and Mark and Spencer, the lovely cartoon characters and the snow in their TV advertisements covered villages.


Cocoa advertising was released just earlier today, but it didn’t seem to be a great response. Only seven people liked twitter, though there were more than 11900 followers on the page. (0)

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