Josephine wrote a show of flat lace leather lingerie as ABS on the plane to Losangeles, where she was in Strappy high heels and black leather jackets

leather lingerie


She apparently tied her to her forehead for a fake Halloween party, just a few days before.


But another reason for Josephine Skriva’s brain shift was that she returned to Losangeles on Friday to fully display her stomach.


The model, 24 years old, wears a suit of traffic, including a pair of sports black and white pants, a flashy May leather jacket, leather lingerie and a chain purse on his shoulder.


She walked in the traffic hub and a pair of white sunglasses, wearing a dark blond hair straight down style, setting off her radiant face.


Josephine was destined to be the center of attention because of her pair of sharp lace high heels back to Losangeles.


When Josephine pushed his luggage to the airport, he looked relaxed and satisfied, even after a long flight, presumably from New York.


It’s always going, “Josephine said,” Instagram, except for the photo at the airport.

Josephine’s schedule is very tight these days.


In addition to attending the Bvlgari party, she appeared in Vitoria, the secret model of Sara Sampaio, a Halloween Jasmine Tookes and Lais Ribeiro in New York.


And soon they’ll pack their bags for Shanghai.


The stars will be strutting down the runway is 2017 in Vitoria as part of a secret Chinese fashion show.


This year, the system will be a multi million dollar fantasy bra.


The runway will be shown at Columbia airlines in November 28th. (0)

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