Let Martha Hunt free jet out of Shanghai after showing her sensational figure sexy silver in Victoria’s Secret leather lingerie fashion show 2017

She walked in her leather lingerie belongings on the day before the annual Victoria Secret Fashion show.


When Martha Hunt was found at the airport in Shanghai on Tuesday, he seemed to be in good spirits.


The 28 year old leather lingerie model puts leisure charts in double breasted Navy jackets and blue pants.


The international model shows her natural beauty in makeup and long blond curls that look sideways.


In stark contrast to her disheveled appearance and fashion show on Monday.


The United States is full of beauty in the exquisite silver two confidence in her catwalk.

Collocation stylish knee high boots, Martha showed her slender frame in a metal corset, pure pants and floating.


The elaborate ensemble is made of layers of intricate necklaces.


She also became a jeweled leather with a silver corset go journeying on the runway Stella Maxwell.


Two sets of blond blond Leather Mini Skirt and plaid high-heeled shoes inspired by a bicycle crew.


Bella Hadid, Ambrosio, Romee Strijd and Candice Swanepoel led the model to runway for the twenty-second annual show host.


Show off their enviable physique in tight underwear, of course, their famous Angel wings serenade, amazing supermodel is along the runway and music entertainment provided by Harry Styles, Miguel, Jane Zhang, Leslie Odom Jr.


After getting her wings, Bella, 21, showing off her stuff along the runway in the black tight leather lingerie outfit, shows her sensational figure paintings with special attention to her impeccable stomach and adequate cleavage. (0)

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