Martha SS18: the verdict of fashion

Because of the recent leaks and scandals in the press, you’ve probably missed Mark Spencer’s plus size leather lingerie big drop. According to a leaked internal documents by the guardian last week, the new president Archie Norman said the retailer told senior managers, retailers need to cut the price of clothes are dialed down for more than 55 years old in 35 + customers, and cut the clothing purchase cycle is too long, he said.



Meow! But fair play. In M&S’s rival Zhengda shop and sparkling new products in a month and a half day website, and inviting customers into their pockets with higher price line (see John Lewis modern rare, the next label / hybrid and H&M group’s market) and super trend series (Zara, mango LED, Topshop, ASOS), obviously, the retailer’s demand change formula.



But don’t underestimate the M&S women’s team. Their punishment is an indispensable part, become the country’s retail treasure quietly turned out to make waves, pushing their customers to accept the way through the traffic stop color, just before Christmas when the bucket load (a sequined blue sequined top fashion headquarters – obviously playing sell all over the country).



Have you checked your shoes recently? You should. A pair of high heels, gem colored Satin nod Manolo Blahnik shoe buckle cult crystal hangisi pump off the shelves because of their modest price by 35. It’s a trend, it looks like it’s going to run, in the preview of a preview of Marylebone 2018 spring and summer series Tuesday.



By collecting styles, director Belinda Earl and design director Queralt Ferrer, plus size leather lingerie fashion is the team’s impressive footwear choice. Namely: a pair of thick gold chains, can be an easy job to do to win in the Joseph on the shelf of the black sandals, plus a pair of white shoes basket woven leather, a bit like the C line, and a pair of white mule. Equally impressive is the package, which has a style that is not worth renewing thanks for the small leather barrel shape and modern leather and canvas cage style.



What about the clothes? The M & a company is placing its claim on the spring sports jacket. Happily, the design team seems to have been in blocks (templates, designers according to their cutting), because the darts, outdated cutting lengths and outdated materials have largely been banished. Belinda Earl said, “she likes the plus size leather lingerie clothes she wears which is the result of all our studies, so the pioneers are great, because they can be formal, but you can make them more casual by matching skirts with grooves.” Flax cream looks sharp and iterative check, double breasted neat brown coat buttons. Equally enjoyable are lightweight jackets, some of which have removable lining, which can be layered as your habit. You can choose from the trend of Karchi Se Ni Ron (L 99), grey coat mushroom coating (Fashion Love), and a super chic cotton blended coat sleeves and aggregation (e 89), it looks like you will find the cross Lemaire catwalk.



Other highlights: Yellow signature in the thick silk coat, will prove a strong cover (t 99); the wedding (65 e signature fold), the office will do; the primary jeans in cutting a cute childish (by 35); and the color blocks (with thin body Secret Swimsuit but for 25 t, A single word of gold.)



Don’t forget underwear – M&S sells 60 million to one year. “The new higher requirements for women’s clothing examine waist plus size leather lingerie, whether it’s routine underwear or leather lingerie,” explains Soozie Jenkinson, head underwear, active and swimming. And has just launched a high waisted version of spanking shorts, the Brazilian has a huge blow and refresh customer success, she said low riding pants have gone out.” We’ve got a bigger focus in the spring, a higher waist, and invest in high-quality fabrics like Supima cotton.”



Does the price reflect the chairman’s desire for low prices, even if competitors are offering higher prices? Jill McDonald has recently been appointed general manager of the clothing of plus size leather lingerie, home and beauty department. He pays great attention to quality. “Our signature range is a little bit higher, so we’ve covered the price point at that time,” she said.”This is to give our customers the best quality, with the best price. A t 59 “- her coat and check the double breasted style I admire early -” is to show fashion. Fashion is not just for the rich.” (0)

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