Professor Amber Heard challenging plus size leather lingerie… When the fans ask her the lipstick marks of the man next to him

She’s been dating billionaire Elon Musk for plus size leather lingerie more than a year.



But when Amber Heard left a lipstick mark on another man on Friday, she had eyebrows.



The 31 year old actress photographed behind the scenes, and she was ready for provocative scenes.



Texas born women wear tight plus size leather lingerie, full straps and stockings.



She stared at the camera, hair stylist Ricardo Rojas, fashion designer Johnny Wujek, about her hair and integration.



But it’s on that shoulder, attracting a lot of Anber followers, 462k Eye Lip shaped logo, especially because it’s wearing with a deep red lampshade.



“What’s on Jonny’s shoulder?” Did you kiss him on the shoulder?” Did she kiss his arm? I see red lipstick stains.



“Well, no wonder Jonny was mad in her mischievous behavior, another poke, referring to the heard of former Depp.



However, pike is unlikely to be any fun, especially since Wujek is openly gay.



The handsome designer was even attracted by another famous, forgetful client: Katy Perry.



“She met me at the party,” he told E! News 2014, revealing that she approached him with a male partner.” She said, “are you my player or his player?” I said, “his.”



It was reported that Anber had dated with Tesla creator for a year, but she only confirmed the affair in April, and by the way mentioned a lipstick mark.



Aquaman uploaded a lipstick print on the cheek that paired with a dinner date and inventor. (0)

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