Stewart’Maxwell model’s girlfriend Kristen S star pouts cameras as for the spiked leads her to rock and some studded undies at the Vitoria Secret Fashion Show

On Monday, Stella Maxwell performed very well in leather lingerie on Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.


The 27 year old model from New Zealand wore two different leather lingerie, which was her fourth performance for the brand, and the third was an angel.


Now old, she pouted pursed her lips, she is in Shanghai on the runway, with fellow angels.


Like many of the models this year, Stella wore a sexy thigh high heel boots, down the runway with one prop.


A lot of skin in a pair of black lace leather lingerie and a backless bra, and pure turtlenecks, she was still bold white and blue boots and matching gloves, in her arms.


In order to replace the traditional wings, she wears a piece of decoration on his back with a series of blue and white fan-shaped circles.


Long earrings, topped by her wavy blonde hair, she flashed a reeky staring at the catwalk over, she put her hands on her hips. Two of the stars look pretty edgy. She wore a black bra with a discreet cut and a pair of grid and plaid shorts, which had a hard mosaic trim edge.


This is a school leather jacket, which has been dotted with diamond, cool nails, spikes and spikes.


She also wore a barbed collar, and even smiled quickly when she showed her eyes to the audience and the camera.


At the same time, Stella’s gossip girlfriend, Krristen Stewart, has never been seen, even though the other important people of the model occasionally come to the show to refuel the models.


Stella, on the contrary, when love with her fellow models, between Lily Aldrich and Elsa Hosk wedge himself in 2017 large class front group lens


Earlier in the day, Stella was preparing for the big event backstage.


She was wearing a pink silk gown and floral design, letting her hair and make-up lie on the chair while working on the magic.


Many people had once at her time, and she managed to capture some of the self timer in the preparation process.


She was sitting on her tiny pin, a bare leg on her chest.


Her long blond hair hung behind her, and Stella’s hair was pinned to her face. Dressed in blush, her cheeks were weighted, and she looked like she had trimmed her eyebrows, mascara, and light pink lipstick.


The preparations for the show actually started a few weeks ago, and Stella and the other models decided they were wearing leather lingerie models.


When she talked to W, Stella shared her diet, which seemed to be as strong as keeping her slim skin.


“The right diet is the natural defense against the sun,” she said.” Sweet potatoes, dark chocolate, pomegranates, green leafy vegetables, almonds, and tea all help to resist the sun.


As for keeping tight and tone, she told you! As the program approached, she changed her daily life.


Before the show, I like to do all kinds of sports. I even went hiking with my friends, or took my dog for a walk. Then go see my coach or go to yoga. Sometimes I like swimming too, because I have a swimming pool, so sometimes I do a few laps in the morning, which really just changes my day.


She added, “I’ve been doing a lot of yoga, because yoga has a good effect on both mentally and physically.” It’s just an hour in my day. It’s always positive. I’m always in a good mood. (1)

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