The largest confidently in bound style blog puts plus size leather lingerie to prove that Women of every to show off their bodies shape is worth sexy design

Plus the size of the blog, there’s an amazing plus size leather lingerie show that people of all sizes should be able to find the composition of sexy lingerie, rather than the mediocre beige selection.



Gabi Fresh, 30, took part in a London lingerie and swimwear brand to shoot naughty promises.



This week’s photos show Losangeles bloggers and designer outfits, including a set of black plus size leather lingerie, including stockings and satin pajamas.



“As a 38hh depression, plus size women looking for fashion, support and sexy leather lingerie choice for me is always a problem,” said gaby.



So often my size gives me some drab Beige options, and I’m honored to help you change it.



The physical initiative is the core of my belief system and brand, and the design of lingerie makes women feel good skin is my natural progress, and my swimsuit collection is the same.



At 2012, blogger shared her own picture of swimsuit under tag Fatkini and invited women to share their photos to the headlines.



Five years later, Gaby, a proud woman, still stands for all sizes to celebrate the body.

She used to support swimsuitsforall with Ashley Graham, a swimsuit brand, and designed five capsule collections for her.



Gaby then worked with a variety of brands, including Lane Bryant, ASOS, and dove just target.



Sally’s founder Emma Parker said, in cooperation with the main Bo is a kind of natural, is conducive to inclusive action of fashion, “said such cooperation is a natural development company spirit”, for all types of people making sexy and fashionable plus size leather lingerie. (0)

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