Victoria secret stunner Ambrosio thigh boots lively dress and divided her out for dinner date looks super sexy

She had no longer played the Secret Angel of Vitoria and put her energy on the young children.

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But Ambrosio looks very sexy leather lingerie when she took a night to raise her out to dinner with friends on Friday.

The leather lingerie model, 36, shows off her huge leg fit in her thighs and the lively high heel of the boots.

Stunning Alessandra shows her unbelievable leather lingerie model chart for a lively set, eating in clothes.

The lingerie hung the tension for her chic motorbike jacket and finished a buckle zipper.

Add a little color to her black suit, chiseled beauty wearing pink lipstick to highlight her.

She called her dark hair loose curly hair, from the edge of her shoulder.

Early Friday, a mother who spent some of her daughter Anja’s quality time.

The supermodel looks like a completely doting mother who coached her in the ice skating circle that her daughter hesitated on the ice theme trip on the ice.

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In the camouflaged jogger bag, the star showed her lightness of limbs, and she boarded the confidence of the ice.

She called herself in her pants, in a light pink sweater, and in the front of the “live place”.

Brazil beauty the family free makeup and claiming her black hair braids in a high ponytail.

At the same time, Anja looked at the lovely purple tight pants and pale pink top, and she clutched her mother’s ice.

The model got rid of her angel’s wings in November when she walked in her final show in Shanghai, the first show in China’s underwear brand.

She explained to the backstage why she was going to end her career for nearly 20 years.

The secret of Vitoria is my family, but you know it’s time to act. Mother is tired, “she said.

Supermodel Anja is busy with the new face of the popular faith brand leather lingerie company in the late 70s of the last century. (0)

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